be quiet Dark Base 700

be quiet! jumped into case-building back in 2014, gaining ground on the leading manufacturers and offering some sublime case options. The 700s bigger brother, the Dark Base 900, is the flagship model whilst the Silent Base 601 gives builders plenty of scope but many need that something in between and that’s where the Dark Base 700 steps in.

The Dark Base 700 comes in at £150.19 at Amazon at the time of writing. Whilst this is the first be quiet! case we have had in for review and for use on our Project Octane build, we are seriously impressed. Cases this size risk one of two things, being totally over the top or simply too plain and boring to care about. be quiet! have hit a nice balance here, the Dark Base 700 has plenty to offer.

Right off the bat its a great looking case and you can tell this has been put together properly. With the case coming in at a slightly larger sized mid-tower offering, it stands 519mm tall, 544mm long and 241mm wide. It’s not overbearing but sits proudly with its chest pumped out, like Daniel Craig about to kick some ass in a well-fitted suit. There’s brushed aluminium panels to the top and front to cap off that suave finish. Looking around you notice the angled front edges and feet, now a staple of be quiet! design that helps to soften the jawline of our well-groomed offering.
The paintwork is not quite Aston Martin if we are carrying on our 007 fantasy here. The black is done very well and is not too shiny or even a magnet for our fingerprints and those brushed aluminium panels look fantastic. For gadgets, the Dark Base 700 has RGB up its sleeve with a thin bezel that matches the contours of the front of the case, stretching from the top panel all the way down to the front feet. Tinted windows are more gangster than Bond but a 4mm thick side panel adds that extra touch of luxury.