BitFenix Alchemy Modular Cable Set 2.0

Over the past few years, it seems every build features some sort of custom cable set. Individually sleeved wires certainly do help a build stand out and that is why we chose the BitFenix Alchemy Modular Cable Set 2.0 for our Project Octane build. Premium cable sets can set you back a fair old chunk of change and at around £79.99 depending on your PSU, the BitFenix Alchemy Modular Cable Set 2.0 lightens your wallet to the same extent as some of their more mainstream rivals.
Our white cable set arrived in a standard looking cardboard box with everything clearly labelled and in separate bags making for finding the right cable a piece of cake. They also include 5 cable combs which is a nice touch, though we do wish that these matched the colour of the cable kit chosen and included a few more to cover the whole kit. Furthermore, the Alchemy 2.0 cables are available in a few different colour varieties and are compatible with a wide range of power supply manufacturers including Corsair, be quiet!, EVGA and many more.
Our kits came with the following included:
Cable Type Cable Length
10+18Pin to ATX 24Pin (x1) 650mm
24Pin Male to ATX 24Pin Female Extend Cable (x1) 300mm
10Pin to CPU 4+4Pin (x2) 650mm
12Pin to Dual PCI-E 6+2Pin (x3) 650mm + 150mm
5Pin to SATA x 3 (x4) 450mm + 150mm +150mm
5Pin to Molex x 3 (x2) 450mm + 150mm +150mm
Molex to Floppy 4Pin Extend Cable (x1)100mm
BitFenix is offering a new series of cable sleeves which are compatible with power supplies from most manufacturers. The quality is beyond excellent and despite our pin removal during Project Octane for the pass through, everything remains tight with pins clicking back into connectors as expected.