Acer Predator XB271HU

Over the past year or so gamers that can’t quite justify the jump to 4K essentially have a choice between two 27 inch monitors, the Acer Predator XB271HU and its counterpart from ASUS, the ROG Swift PG279Q. Both models offer very similar specs and are both based on a 27 inch IPS panel at WQHD or 1440P and offer a 144hz refresh rate that can be pushed to 165hz with a quick change of settings.
Dropping in at £499.99 on Amazon, the XB271HU is not the cheapest 27-inch monitor around and we will get to why it justifies the price later on. Arriving at our office, the packaging comes emblazoned with gaming branding and gets straight to the point, this is for the serious gamers out there.
Spec-wise there is not a lot missing from the list with G-Sync support, 4x USB 3.0 ports (2 side-mounted and 2 to the rear), headphone jack, integrated speakers, Display Port 1.2 and HDMI 1.4 adding to the aforementioned display and refresh rate. The design and price are what separates the Acer from the ASUS though and whilst there have been various revisions since launch, those looking for build quality and high refresh rates won’t be disappointed.
There is no questioning who the monitor is aimed at, if the packaging didn’t give it away then the stand design certainly will, sharp lines and angles of the metal red feet help keep the monitor stable when in use. The monitor comes without the stand attached but is very simple to lock into place, it’s worth noting there is also VESA compatibility for wall mounting if required. With the stand attached you have both swivel and tilt adjustment, 120mm in height and -5 to 35 degrees of tilt. 90- degrees of pivoting also allows for portrait mode. It’s more than we need but in some use cases, users will take full advantage. From the front, a tiny bezel surrounds the IPS panel but in use, there is actually around a 5mm black bar when turned on.