be quiet! Straight Power 11 650W

German manufacturer be quiet! produce a range of high-quality pc components including cases, power supplies, air and water cooler AIOs. They are famous for living up to the brand name, be quiet! where those looking for silent builds can build rigs safe in the knowledge that the decibels won’t rise too much. With their first cases launched in 2014, they are slowly creeping up the market share and competing with the more seasoned manufacturers.

Having used the previous generation Dark Power Pro 10 1000W PSU, be quiet! seem to concentrate more on power supplies than their other offerings. Their current line up includes no less than 7 series with varying models across each range. For today though, we are taking a look at one of the companies most popular units, the Straight Power 11 650W PSU.

The Straight Power 11 series comprises six models, ranging from 450W all the way to 1000W, plenty for most day to day consumers out there. The be quiet! Straight Power 11 PSU series provides a new level of silent performance for systems that demand whisper-quiet operation without the slightest compromise in power quality. Retailing for £91.98 at Amazon, the unit offers full modularity with 80 Plus Gold efficiency certification.

We are using the Straight Power Pro 11 650W PSU for our Project Octane build. It arrived at Mod83 HQ in the familiar black and silver cardboard box. The packaging features a no-frills front, letting you know exactly what you have without going over the top. The side and rear, however, give you plenty of reading material. Opening up the box we are greeted with good packaging to protect the unit during transport.

Our cable bundle is nothing close to the Dark Power Pro 10 1000W but comes with everything you would need for a build suited to the 650W. All cables feature a black outer sheath, no individually braided cables here. We also get some cable ties and mounting screws along with the user manual.

It is worth noting that be quiet! are beginning to offer an upgrade path via their website. If you are looking to upgrade your PSU then you can check what existing cables you have that are compatible. They are also offering individually black sleeved cables as an additional option.

Featuring the usual robust quality we are used to seeing from be quiet!, the Straight Power 11 650W PSU measures in at 1700mm deep and is a little longer than standard ATX units. Given the range of cases on the market, this is a non-issue for the most part.

Looking at the unit, the rear features the power switch and power cable connector. The left side is embossed with the be quiet! logo while the backside gives us information on the specification on a large sticker. Cooling is provided via the rear vent and the Silent Wings fan positioned atop covered with a silver fan guard. The fan measures 135mm and the funnel-shaped fan opening of the PSU case makes for high airflow intake.

The front of the PSU is where the action happens, with full modular connectors. be quiet! are using a 20 plus 8 ATX connections, straight 5 pin for SATA sand twin 12 pin rows for the PCIE and 12V cables. The Straight Power 11 650W PSU also has overcurrent protection and will shut down given an imbalanced load.

The Straight Power 11 650W is wire-free on the DC side inside the PSU body. This results in improved cooling airflow and less signal disturbance, simply because of a lack of wiring, and ultimately pushes the lifetimes of the components to a maximum. Only the best components are used in Straight Power 11 650W with high-quality Japanese capacitors rated to 105°C, ensuring stability, reliability and long operating life.

Given that we are builders first and foremost at Mod83, we don’t have access to testing equipment for PSUs. However, from reading other reviews on this unit it is clear that test results prove the Straight Power 11 650W to be more than capable for an 80 Plus rated unit.

The be quiet! Straight Power 11 650W PSU is designed to provide the highest quality and performance to avid builders. The Straight Power line up sits just below the flagship Dark Power Pro series that offers even better efficiency. For what we have on offer though, the Straight Power 11 is impressive in both performance and build quality. Design-wise we see another product from be quiet! that focuses on build quality over aesthetics, not that this product looks bad at all.

In terms of performance, the Straight Power 11 650W PSU does perform very well overall from what we have seen across other review channels that have the right equipment to perform all the tests needed. Silence is the be quiet! moto, hover it’s not the quietest PSU available when under load. However, noise means more heat is removed potentially extending the life span of the product in question.

The Straight Power 11 PSU sits just below the top tier Dark Power Pro series and yet is tagged as a premium product. It’s not a bad product but there are other options to consider at this price point. Given the excellent build quality as we come to expect from be quiet!, sitting at £91.98 on Amazon it gets a great value tick from us.