ASRock X399 Phantom Gaming 6

Processor AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX, 32 Cores, 64 Threads, 3 GHz (4.2 GHz Turbo)
MotherboardASRock X399 Phantom Gaming 6
CoolingCooler Master ML360 TR4 Edition
Power SupplyCooler Master V750
Memory4x8GB TeamGroup Xcalibur DDR4 3200
Memory Settings 16-18-18-38 1.35V
Video Card ASUS GTX 1070 Strix 08G
Hard Drive Samsung 860 Evo
Before we even started testing, we knew roughly what to expect from this beast of a CPU squeezed into the X399 Phantom Gaming 6. For workstation-based loads, this will more than meet your needs. However, we all know that Threadripper is not meant for gaming, although we did run testing in both Creator and Game modes, deactivating three-quarters of its full potential.

Paired with our GTX 1070 we see little to no difference between Creator and Game modes. At 1920 x 1080 we are hitting the magic 60 FPS in everything but GTA V.


The ASRock X399 Phantom Gaming 6 is an ATX board that clearly wishes to dominate the entry to HEDT and TR4. At “just” £250 it comes in at a lower price than offerings from Gigabyte and undercuts its big brother, the X399 Taichi by £100. It’s still not cheap and we get that, there are mainstream platform options at half this price but looking at the list of features, it’s a hard board to beat given the inclusion of three M.2 and PCIe x16 slots.
The only downside so to speak is the CPU support list but that’s not a big problem as far as we can see. Yes, we tested with an over the top CPU but, for an entry-level board is it a winner? Hell yes. This board sits on its own, away from the competition for us. It gives a newcomer or more budget-conscious buyer something to really get the most out of without spending more than they need to. As we said before, we would not call this entry-level but more of a value proposition and we applaud ASRock for making this call. With great build quality, rich feature list and good pricing the ASRock X399 Phantom Gaming 6 gets our vote.