Ghostbusters Part 7

More paint really does start to bring this project to life as this week we have been busy adding Ghost Trap chevrons to the air vents of the Dark Base 900. The bottom, front and top case shrouds are quite easy to take apart to remove the metal vent strips. I marked up where I wanted the chevrons and then removed the metal vents ready to spray. I have also added the be quiet! Straight Power 1000W PSU ready for refitting the basement shroud later this week.
With the front side of the case all done it was time to turn my attention to the rear while also sorting out the case feet. We are using Shock Mounts from our Partner Ben of Kent for the feet, these are usually found on the Proton Pack Bumper over the 4 lights of the Cyclotron. The stock Dark Base feet required cutting down. I will be weathering and cleaning these up later and possibly adding some additional details to them. The case now sits on its new feet and is really starting to come together.
For the next update, we will hopefully be looking at internal prop placement and water cooling. A lot depends on emails that are flying around at the moment in the hope we can do something really special with this. Hope you all enjoyed today’s update!