Ghostbusters Part 8

Another quick update on this rather large project. This is a focus on the front panel that we are modding on the Dark Base 900. It is here that we will be placing the Cyclotron Rings from Ben of Kent and one of the main features of the Proton Pack.


The idea here is to incorporate the Cyclotron Rings into the panel and backlight them using one of the RGB headers on the ASUS X399-E Gaming motherboard. This was really easy to strip down and I have enough room on the mounting plate to add the LEDs, we will cover this in another update as we progress through the build.


After paint, I am really happy with how this turned out. I’ve attached it back tot he case to see how well it fits the theme and to help assist in getting the LEDs in the right place.


Decals and additional details still need to be added along with the top case panel too. I’m working hard on this for the rest of the week while;e I await the arrival of Alphacool parts from DHL.