Ghostbusters Part 10

First up apologies for taking so long to get this next update out. I have been so busy with work that modding has taken a back seat for almost a month.

Today’s update is some interior pics, its around 90% complete and I wanted to get something out. The water cooling loop took a while to figure out, to work around the props from Ben of Kent was not easy and took almost 2 days to decide where everything should go. I still have some parts to add to the interior and then finish off the front and top of the Dark Base 900.

I didn’t take any pics of the process, mainly because I was focussed on making sure it would go together and partly because I was getting so frustrated, every time I tried something, something else was in the way or didn’t look right.

So here we are, almost there. For final pics I will be giving it a right good dust off, my camera is too damn good at picking up stuff you can’t see with the naked eye!

Hope you like it!