Ghostbusters Part 11

This update takes us all the way up being ready for EGX! The last few weeks have been really busy and so modding took a back seat until the last minute to get this ready for delivery to ASUS. Time always seems to fly when there are things to be done and this was no exception!

Given the lack of time, photos took a bit of a back seat so please forgive me for the quality of some of these. I have ordered a studio kit so that should be here in time for our next project.

First up was to spray some of the external components to match the rest of the build. I had a rough idea of how I wanted the exterior to look but didn’t know exactly how it would turn out. Lack of time does force you to make decisions on builds and in some ways, I am pleased the pressure was on because as it turns out, I think it compliments the interior really well.


With the components painted it was time to fit the final parts from Ben of Kent including the HGA to the front panel. Part of the vision was to include the Proton Pack parts that were recycled to fit this machine so that it provides the contrast between weathered and newish components.


The top of the Dark Base features Clippard Valves tied into the front of the system and wiring loom.


With everything fitted it was time to test the lighting. This system is quite complicated given what I was trying to achieve and it cant be seen in photos.

The interior is based on the ASUS Aura Flash and Dance to mimic the Power Cell from the Proton Pack and is controlled by onboard ARGB. For the front panel Cyclotron, the Dark Base 900 included RGB is used to provide a breathing effect while the overall case and fan lighting are controlled by external Bitfenix ARGB.


With the lighting sorted and everything back together, it was time for a final check, the addition of a few more decals while trying to make sure it was not overdone. A lot of people have commented on this picture on Instagram and I love it, it was perfect for the Alphacool backplate and its one of my favorite aspects of the build.


I would love to hear people’s thoughts on who grew up with Ghostbusters and who was their favorite, for me its Venkman so this is his machine!


Slimer and some slime had to be included for a bit of fun. At the end of the day, anyone involved with builds enjoys what they do and while some builds are clean, pristine works of arts, others are an expression and at times, close to the heart. Anyone who mods will know it can be one of the most enjoyable, passionate experience and this has been no exception


With everything ready it was time to take this 30KG plus system down to ASUS, its a 3hr drive from here in Grimsby and boy was I nervous to hand it over! I was not sure what ASUS would think of the build so the drive was filled with tension and panic. After a 24hr shift, all of a sudden we were there and greeted by the large ASUS logo. Being the first time I was meeting my contact, let alone dropping off a system for a show, a deep breath and off to reception to sign in!


So here it is, finished and ready for EGX, the unveiling was tense and the reaction from the guys at ASUS really put me at ease. As it turns out they love the theme and we talked through various aspects including the covered loop tubing, the components that Ben of Kent has supplied and a few other aspects. I only managed to get one pic sat on the desk but I am sure that they will be putting out a whole load of pics over the weekend.


There will be one more update on this, once it is back from EGX. As I say I have ordered a studio kit and this will be up for final pics once I have collected it. My updates are not normally this long but for this, I am so lucky.

To gain the confidence of brands such as ASUS, be quiet!, Team Group and everyone else involved over the past few months has been really amazing. I am just a normal guy who loved building PCs and I will remember the past few months for the rest of my life.

I hope my next project only builds on the work already done and that everyone has enjoyed following along. If you are attending EGX then please tag us so that we get to hear your thoughts, I love hearing what people think of my builds, good or bad as it helps me in making decisions on future builds.