Team Green Part 3

Another quick update as more parts have arrived for this one. Some better shots of the 9960X from Intel and we also took delivery of some 10Tb Iron Wolf Pro drives from Seagate.

This build will house all our data so its great to have the performance and reliability of these drives for the foreseeable future. I’m undecided whether to Raid these or leave them as 20Tb total storage.

Pure Pastel is currently taking up all my time but hopefully, that will be coming along over the next couple of weeks so that I can make a start to the case mods here. I don’t know too much about the 9600X to be honest and given its a 16/32 3.1 / 4.4 it will be curious to see how the 2990WX stacks up in gaming mode at 16/32 3.0 / 4.2.

Also as part of this and the RTX 2070 XC Ultra sent from EVGA, until we are ready on Team Green, I paired the card with the 2990WX and set new global records for a load of 3D Mark tests. Its becoming a bit of an obsession but I am curious to see just how far I can push the combinations I have available to me at this time.


If you are following along on Facebook or Instagram then thank you, its been a busy week with some great feedback still coming in from our Ghostbusters build. Finally, I feel like we are getting somewhere and that only motivates me more to push on with what we have lined up for the future!