Pure Pastel Part 4

Another little update for everyone on this project. We have now got all the big parts of this build done and can now concentrate on the smaller details.

The Alphacool Eisblock XPX Aurora in Plexi Chrome had its trim removed and painted to match all the other components. I have also got the GPU block on the RTX 2060 and that also had some paintwork. Il post more on the GPU in the next update


The back panel has now got all 3 bulkhead fittings in place. originally they were fitted from back to front, the thread length was really close to obstructing the rear side panel and I was not sure if it would work. With the HF L connectors attached there is only just a couple of mm clearance so I am really happy with how this turned out. All the bulkhead fittings line up with the 240mm radiator ports, this should give a really clean vertical line with the back radiator port connecting to the top back panel, the front radiator port will be a straight vertical run to the fitting next to the reservoir.

The middle fitting on the back panel is for the CPU in, again keeping a clean horizontal run and finally the lower fitting is for the GPU out. There will be a short run from CPU and GPU to tie everything together. I am really happy with how the lover panel turned out. Its a shame be quiet don’t include a cover, similar to those in the Dark Base 700 and 900 but given the price point of the case its no surprise.


Moving around the back there are the three bulkhead fittings, given the loop plan the top and bottom fitting will be joined allowing a run from the GPU to the radiator in.


The pump fitting has been the hardest part of this custom loop. Space is so tight that joining everything up is a real challenge. I’m now just waiting on a few fittings from Alphacool to get it all connected.


RAM and storage are also not confirmed yet, I want to get this sorted before I bend and run all my tubing, trying to replace either of these would be a real pain to sort once the loop is completed.