Ergo Desk Atlas Review

Ergo Desks were kind enough to recently send over one of their Atlas electric desks for review. This electric desk will also be used for both building systems and for also filming our new series of YouTube videos. Once delivered, the outer packaging protected the desk reasonably well with no defects on arrival. Assembly was a lot easier than I was expecting, going together in under an hour with a great set of instructions to follow. It’s a heavy piece of kit coming in at 29Kg so having a helping hand would be an advantage for assembly.

The Atlas is available in a range of colours and sizes from 120cm x 80cm up to what I have chosen, the 180cm x 80cm version. This gives us more than enough room to work in, making it easy to spread things out, present videos and mod systems. I decided to go with the all-white version but there are plenty of colour options available, not only for the frame but the countertop too, this is a product that can easily be customised to fit any colour theme as needed. Ergo Desks offer a variety of other desks that may suit your needs better and enhanced motion control systems including a memory recall feature.
Atlas Walnut / Black Option
The complete Altas Electric Desk specifications are as follows;

TypeMotorised Adjustable
Guarantee5 years
Frame Width Adjustment1150mm–1740mm
Side Supports (Brackets)540mm
Leg Depth690mm
Load Capacity120kg
Frame Weight29kg
Life10,000 cycles at full rated load
Height Range (stroke)640mm–1300mm
Voltage230V AC Input, 24V DC operation
Speed40mm per second
Standby Power<0.3 W
Max Operational Power300W
Overload ProtectionYes
Thermal ProtectionYes
Anti CollisionYes
Duty Cycle10% – 2mins on, 18mins off
Noise Level<42 dB
CE ComplianceMachine Directive 2006/42/EC, EMC Directive 2014/30EU
The Atlas is controlled by means of a simple switch panel that can raise or lower at a rate of 40mm/secs, has a load capacity of 120Kg thanks to the dual motors which is perfect for if we have a couple of systems on the go, and if we forget that we left something under the desk, anti-collision is included meaning that the desk will simply cut out if it detects anything untoward.

Height Control Switch

Control Unit

Telescopic Legs
For office work, I can stand comfortably with my laptop, writing build logs, reviews, or planning out my next build. It makes a refreshing change to being in front of a PC or sat on the couch with a laptop, it’s a dedicated space that I have found really does help me to get more done as I seem to find myself more focussed on the task at hand.

My main use case though is building and that is where the Atlas really flexes its muscles, it just gives me so much freedom to work around large, heavy systems without having to compromise. It is widely suggested that a sit/stand desk can improve productivity and I can see why; usually by the end of the day I am tired of working on a build. Not having to bend all day leaves me so much fresher and keen to carry on, especially if we have a tight deadline on a system.

The Atlas has been the perfect upgrade for working on all of our projects, not least due to the flexibility of having such a large and height-adjustable workspace. By being able to raise and lower the countertop to a manageable height has meant that I am no longer crouching over to fit components and don’t suffer anywhere near as much back pain at the end of the day. The range we have available is 640mm all the way to 1300mm, that’s more than enough scope for any project we are going to encounter.