Project Octane

Rocket League inspired build with CNC cut internal panels to enclose a 240mm AIO with custom paint with decals. We also added individual cable pass-throughs. Our very first build and what has kickstarted everything else.

I worked with be quiet, TeamGroup and BitFenix featuring the Dark Base 700 on my very first project. It was also nominated for Bit-Techs Mod of the Month award.

Phantom Gaming

Featuring an AMD 2990WX our Phantom Gaming themed build really can take on anything. We worked with a range of partners on this including Cooler Master, AMD, ASRock and Team Group.

Custom PSU shroud, internal panel, top and front logos with backlighting throughout.


For my third build I was delighted to be asked by ASUS if I could have my Ghostbusters project ready in time for EGX. It turned our perfectly and was very well recieved by the modding community.

We featured props from Ben of Kent, cast from the original film used parts and added my own twist to this build.

Once again I worked with be quiet!, AMD, and TeamGroup whilst adding Alphacool to my list of partners.

Pure Pastel

Featuring the Pure Base 500 from be quiet!, this build really was a labour of love. It was my first time ever hard lining a system and it turned out fantastic.

Featuring a painted ASUS X570-e and custom bulkhead, its a stunning little system running a 3700X from AMD. This was also our second Bit-Tech Mod of the Month nomination

Pastel DX

It’s not every day you are asked to complete a project under NDA for a product launch. After Pure Pastel, Pastel DX celebrates the release of the Pure Base 500DX and is an evolution of the original system.

The placement of the tube reservoir certainly made a statement and offered something truly unique. Bit-Tech kindly nominated this build for another Mod of the Month competition.


Nearly finished!

Our Ghostbusters build was submitted to the EVGA Gear Up programme and we won! Mistral features all EVGA parts and is awaiting completion due to a recent world wide event.


Coming Soon!

We will be working with Antec for a special build in the P120 Crystal, etched glass, custom loop and some 3D printed parts will make this system really pop. A project dedicated to the history of the ASUS ROG line and the Intel 8086K.

New Dawn

Coming Soon!

Another be quiet! based build on the AMD platform. 3D printed case mods and hard lined loop will come together to house a truly worthy system.