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Ghostbusters Part 2

Our new Ghostbuster build is now in full flow and we have plenty to bring you over the coming weeks. For now, we are concentrating on the be quiet! Dark Base 900 and have stripped it down ready for weathering.


Looking at the screen used and many fan built Proton Packs, the weathering is an important and integral part of this project. The picture below is from the GB Fans Sony Lobby reference pictures and shows just how scratched up the screen packs are, hopefully, we can replicate this a little in our case.


Credit: GBFans Sony Lobby Photo Set
To achieve such an effect for our build, less is more and I have seen this mentioned many times while trawling over the Ghostbusters fan groups and forums. We want our build to look like it has been well used and then stored away for 25 years and forgotten about to some extent. This is building on the theme of the returning Ghostbusters and of course to commemorate the launch of the third instalment planned for 2020.

So with our Dark Base now stripped we took it outside in the boiling heat we are having here in the UK. The basement shroud will be a prominent part of the weathering we are trying to achieve. We set about bashing up our brand new case from be quiet! (much to my dismay ) and have now left it out to weather. The rest of the case also has some scrapes and bangs and we will cover those when the weathering is complete.


While the shroud features many scratches and buffs, some will be hidden by decals we have coming from Ben of Kent, one of my partners on this build. The case then got a few coats of water during the day to hopefully start the ageing process and the next morning we have started to achieve what we set out for. The thumbscrews have reacted perfectly and just what I was looking for. The case may take a bit longer and I may even end up using paint and chemicals to get it to the point where I am happy.


Our next update will take a look at some of the props we have from Ben of Kent and more on the weathering. We hope you like the theme on this build so far, please let us know what you think and we can’t wait to bring you more very soon!

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