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Ghostbusters Part 4

Today’s update is more of a focus on one of our partners for this build, Ben of Kent (BOK). Founded by Benarie Smith, BOK have been making props for over 20 years and specialize in Ghostbusters Proton Packs, Traps and more.

BOK were kind enough to partner with us after submitting our idea for this build, we wanted this to be as true to the films as possible and being one of the worlds leading manufacturers, we knew working with Ben would be fantastic opportunity to showcase his prop making skills.

So lets take a look at some of the components we will be using on this build. If you are familiar with Ghostbusters then a lot of these parts may be instantly recognisable. If not then we have a screen used pack reference picture from GBFans that may be of use. This is the Venkman Hero pack used in the films.


Clippard Valves

Used on the Proton Pack and Wand. (Right middle of Proton Pack).


Cyclotron Lenses

Custom made lenses for this project to mimic the Cyclotron on the Proton Pack.



Found on the top right of the Proton Pack.


Leg Hose Mount / Crank Knob

Leg hose mount as found on the screen used uniforms and the Crank Knob from the top of the Proton Pack.


Ion Arm

The main assembly of the Ion Arm used on the top left of the Proton Pack.


The second part of the Ion Arm.


Power Cell & Injectors

Found on the middle left of the Proton Pack, this will be one of the main features of the project and be backlit as the film.



Used on the bumper over the Cyclotron. We have 4 of these for use as case feet.


Assorted Decals

Various decals sent over by BOK to finish the projects and add that authentic touch.


Elbows and Hoses

Small elbows and hoses as found on the Proton Pack


Overview of Parts


Now that we have the majority of props here for the build I can move on to getting these prepped and painted. After this placement and final fit can be confirmed. We have a good idea on placement but a couple of aspects may change, this is down partly to our choice of cooling that is yet to be confirmed. Once we have that in place we can get everything put together internally.

We hope you enjoyed this update and that it gives you more of an insight of the parts involved and the mammoth task ahead!

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