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Mistral Part 4

More unboxings today and fitting of the main components that will run this system. TeamGroup is working with us once again and we will be using 4 x 4 GB of their Delta RGB 3000 MHz RAM. The colour scheme fits in nicely and will provide a good base for this system.

Our motherboard is the EVGA X299 Micro ATX. This board supports up to 18 Core – 18 Thread CPUs and up to 128 GB DDR4 4000 MHz. We also have M.2 storage with both M and E keys, Optane is also supported. Another handy feature of this board is the onboard power, reset and CMOS reset buttons. To round out, we have 2-Way SLI. 6x SATA 6G ports and 1x U.2 port.

Now its time to drop in the i9 9960X and our RAM, then fit our cooler for the loop. I always find it weird with Intel and Ryzen CPUs that they don’t have the text facing the right way, I am sure this has caught a few people out trying to fit CPUs over the years 🙂

Now we are all finished up with the CPU and RAM, next stop is the Alphacool XPX Pro 1U CPU block. This block is really versatile for desktop and server requirements. The block has multiple G1/4 in and out ports giving ultimate flexibility to your system, a total of 3 in and 5 out.

As will all Alphacool parts it feels really well made and comes with all the hardware needed to fit either a 2011 / 2011-3 / 2066 / 3647 / TR4 / TRX40 sockets.

Our board is now ready top be dropped in to the system. We have moved on quite a bit this morning and have some other alphacool goodies already installed. I will be dropping another update tomorrow so stick around for that.

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