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Mistral Part 6

Over the last few days, we have made some great progress on this build. We now have our hard lines fitted and once filled, gave the system a solid 24 hours to ensure we had no leaks.

Coming from the pump into the bottom of the Alphacool block did throw up a small snag. The fitting wouldn’t tighten all the way into the block as the block mounting plate got in the way and so we have had to use an extension to get around this. We would have come into the front of the block but we wanted to do something a little different given that we have so many posts on the block and if we had, the final bend would be really tight.

Our coolant comes from Mayhems and is the same as we used on Pure Pastel, we think here though it has a totally different effect and works well with the silver too.

For wiring up the system, we cant get parts in to make our own cables and so we are using the standard outfit that comes with the EVGA 1000 G+. Given the amount of cabling that is visible, and the circumstances, its not a big deal and we dont think it detracts from the build too much.

Back to cooling and fans, our front 120mm BitFenix Spectres are actually placed slightly different to the case specs, we have done away with the front fan filted to fit the fans externally. We can still mount the glass front to the case for some nice RGB from the fans and front EVGA logo.

We are quite happy with how the silver turned out and adds a lot of light to the DG-77. All our case panels, except the rear shroud, are now back on. We just have to get the RTX 2020 XC Ultra fitted now and it will really start coming together.

Our last detail will be the backlit logo panel to the front, we are making our own Mistral panel for here and then we can get everything back together ready for final pictures.

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