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Rebellion Part 1

Welcome to my latest project, Rebellion! I have changed the name of this from Ortus, just to put some space between the cutting edge and what can be a more than adequate build, there’s not going to be a 10900K in here or a 2080Ti, but it will be a great build none the less for the more casual gamer.

To get any project started, you first need a base. For that, we will be using the Antec P120 Crystal, accompanied by their High Current Gamer 750W 80+ Gold PSU and two sets of Prizm 120 ARGB kits that include both a fan controller and ARGB strips. A massive shout out to Antec for this, really looking forward to this build and I hope it may lead to future work with them. I have an idea I fancy trying on their Torque chassis so fingers crossed this one meets the grade.

Some hardware is yet to be confirmed but as far as case mods go, we will be trying out a few things I have not seen in a P120 as of yet. This build will be aimed primarily at a modest budget for those wishing to put something similar together. I won’t be going too over the top as I have more planned for the P120 once this one is done so I am aiming to keep that side of things pretty clean. Alphacool are once again backing my work but a certain virus is delaying items from arriving as they normally would and I may have a small wait on my hands before everything is here.

That’s our intro to this one then, there is more to come and we did a quick unboxing video on the Prizm 3-1 pack, it’s only our second video so don’t be too harsh!


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