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Rebellion Part 2

Due to the ongoing worldwide situation, many of our projects have been delayed including this one. Given the circumstances, we have had to change things up a little, going from the original plan to a black and red, Republic of Gamers styled theme.

To kick things off on the hardware side, we have decided to go with the ASUS Z390-H. This board revitalizes the classic ROG red-and-black colour scheme but adds in the ASUS cyber-text pattern. It looks fantastic and takes us back to the older ROG boards and the styling that the fans love. This isn’t a sponsored part for the build but I love ASUS hardware so it was an easy choice.


The CPU of choice carries on the old school theme, going with the Intel 8086K. A big shout out to Intel for sending this over for us. Essentially an 8700K, 6 cores and 12 threads and topping out at 5GHz, the limited edition chip will serve us well in this build.


Hopefully, as things start getting back to some sort of normality over the next few weeks we can move on and get this build going. I still have Mistral to finish but that’s waiting on my 3D printer to arrive so that we can print out the new nameplate for the PSU shroud.

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