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Rebellion Part 3

Well its time to finally get some parts in here! Its been a long old wait but its time to get moving, I wont go into details but I have waited since January for something and when it did finally happen, it was all cocked up and so I had to cancel that part of the P120 builds I have coming. Moving on swiftly 🙂


The 8086K and Z390-H are now sitting in their new home, even with just the motherboard in place, it totally transforms the bare P120 and gives us a glimpse of the black and red theme we are going for. Straight away I just know this is going to be a great looking build but there’s a long way to go yet. The P120 looks fantastic and we now just have to fill the rest up.


Once again Alphacool has gone the whole hog on this one, kitting me out with everything we are going to need for this and another build I have coming, New Dawn. We are going with separate pump and reservoirs, I did think about using their Esisball that I have but I am going to save that for a rainy day.

We all know the P120 defines itself by having a multitude of fans sitting next to the motherboard and that’s what we need to get into place next. This is a bit different though, thanks to my friends at Alphacool we are showing things off a little differently, going with a custom res holder on an Alphacool ST30 360mm Radiator coupled with Antec’s gorgeous Prizm 120mm ARGB fans.


With the fittings and short tubes in place, we could get the Alphacool Coolplex 250mm tube reservoirs in place, but these are no ordinary reservoirs. We have removed the bottom block multiport fittings and replaced them with the single connection top caps. Some small extensions and 90-degree fittings and we are good to go. This meant we had to order 4 of the reservoirs, hopefully Alphacool will start stocking end caps as a separate item soon.


What will really make this build stand out is the dual reservoirs, backlit by the Antec fans and so I had to come up with a way to mount both to the radiator. Cue Sketch-Up and my 3D printer and voila! A custom made res holder that can be fitted to the fans using the 35mm screws that come with the Alphacool radiator. Complete adjustment is possible so we get the perfect alignment too. I have also included the bottom cut outs so we can then push coolant to the next part of the loop.


Its a great fit and looks bloody awesome in person, I just want to fill these up now with red pastel but that will have to wait until its all done. Now we have the 360 in place its time to get the Alphacool VPP655 and the second, 240mm radiator in, line it all up and secure it all down.


We have 6 Antec Prizms so having a 360, 240 and then the rear fan is perfect. These will all be controlled by the included Antec controller and I will be adding some of the RGB strips from the pack too.


So its finally on its way, still a load to do but for today thats some good progress. Im waiting on a GPU to arrive now and then we can get the CPU and GPU blocks fitted and finish the loop, then onto some other little details but for now, stay safe and happy modding!

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