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Pastel DX Part 1

Ever since we took delivery of the be quiet! Pure Base 500 we have loved it and used it for our recent Pure Pastel build. Not long after we started the project did we hear that there would be a Pure Base 500DX coming, an improved version of the case with some small changes, in particular to the front panel to allow for better air intake.

As soon as we heard about the DX, we were in contact with be quiet! to try and get hold of one as soon as we possibly could. The idea, to transfer Pure Pastel over and make this great little system even better. So here it is, ready for day 1, the launch of the be quiet! Pure Base 500DX and our latest project from start to finish.

Given that, by the time you read this, this build will be completed and so the whole build log will be posted in one go for you to read through and should be taken in the past tense. This won’t be as in-depth as the original as a lot of the work was completed during the initial build. To see the motherboard painting and other mods then please see the original Pure Pastel build log.

The layout for Pastel DX will be slightly different, we are planning to drop the GPU in the lower slot and move the pump placement so that it can be seen. We used the Alphacool VPP755 and since we have the Plexi version to match the other components, why not show it off.

Other changes will come kindly from TeamGroup, supplying new Delta RGB DDR4 3000 4 x 4 GB sticks along with two Delta RGB SSDs. All these new TeamGroup components will also be in white to match the build. As soon as they land we will get them posted in an update.

For today we have unboxed the new Pure Base 500DX and started stripping down and cleaning parts from the original system. Its the 20th of April today so we only have just over a week to get this one done, thats between completing another build, Mistral and having to go to work too!

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