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Pastel DX Part 2

Time for another update as we move on with the revision of Pure Pastel. We have been stripping down the old system so there are no glory shots here as we just needed to get things moving along quite quickly. We soon got to the point of having both Pure Pastel and the new DX case stripped and ready to transfer over many of the components. TeamGroup has shipped the new RAM and SSDs for the build so they will hopefully be here ready for our next update.

My better half wasnt too happy with me using the dining room table for swapping over parts, our Alphacool mat helped protect the table a bit and give me a decent work area.

We didn’t really take a look at the Alphacool XT30 240mm radiator before and its paired with the be quiet! Pure Wings 2 120mm fans for the build. With the radiator out it needs a bit of a clean due to dust build-up, something the new DX should help with given the better airflow and dust filtration.

We also used the Alphacool VPP755 for Pure Pastel, this has now been removed from the old system and the mounting brackets will be painted as it will be on show this time around.

Making some progress we have the ASUS X570-E Gaming, AMD 3700X and Pure Wings 2 120mm fans all moved over to the new case. We do need to change the orientation of the Alphacool CPU block for our loop though and reapply thermal paste while we are at it.

Next up was to bang in the ASUS RTX 2060 to gauge what we had in mind would work. We asked TeamGroup for two SSDs with the plan being to fill both of the front bays. While playing around though, the Alphacool pump would not fit where we had in mind so we to use one of the available bays to mount it. We have also dropped the GPU into the lower slot to make the bottom SSD bay more visible and add some more room for the loop.

For today I will leave you with a picture of some of the Alphacool fittings we will be using after they have been cleaned up. Hopefully our next update will have most of the loop installed and bring you some info on the parts coming from TeamGroup.

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