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Pastel DX Part 3

New parts have landed! TeamGroup was kind enough to send over 4x 4 GB Delta RGB DDR4 3000 in white for this build along with a pair of their Delta RGB 5V SSDs at 250 GB capacity. We have worked on loads of projects with TeamGroup now and love both the look and performance of their products.

Having these components all in white really help to tie the build together and its something when we originally built Pure Pastel we wished we had to hand. The SSDs will add additional lighting to the build and make the Mayhems coolant even more vibrant than it already is.

We are also really happy with the pump placement to make it a feature but we wished it was an RGB block to add to the effect on the build. The mounts have been painted and it will soon be time to run some pipework. Our next update will include our reservoir placement and a few other details but we will almost be ready to fill the loop and get the system finished.

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