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Pastel DX Part 4

Pastel DX is really getting close now, we have our pump and reservoir in place and have our TeamGroup SSD fitted. I have started to run the tubing, but theres not much to run, to be honest with the longest part being a single 90 from the GPU to the radiator. We have used a combination of Alphacool fittings around the pump to allow for clean runs. I don’t like running short 90s because they don’t seem to look right without a few inches on either side, it’s like the curve looks like it continues into the fitting.

Running in this configuration also helps keep the GPU from sagging, the Alphacool fittings rest just nicely on the basement shroud to keep it nice and level. On the original Pure Pastel, we used a display dowel in chrome, screwed to the bulkhead to keep our GPU nice and flat. To change things up our reservoir now mounts vertically above the GPU, I think this is a different approach and adds a focal point to this build.

The back of this build is pretty much done too, all our cables are in and we will be running an Antec fan hub to control both our fans and lighting, including the included lights on the Pure Base 500DX. I will spend the rest of today finishing up and getting the system leak tested, its Sunday the 26th today so only a couple of days until launch.

Sorry its such a short update but it will be worth waiting to see the final system, we promise!

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