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Project Octane Part 2

Today we start on painting!

As part of this build I contacted Rust-Oleum to explain what the project was about. I use Rust-Oleum products a lot for sign making and cnc cut wooden lettering and asked if they would be willling to support the project. We discussed what paint would be best to use on the brand new case and came up with the Hard Hat range for both the metal and plastic components. Rust-Oleum were kind enough to send over the following;

2x Light Blue Hellblau RAL5012

2x Pastel Orange RAL2003

2x White Aluminium RAL9006

1x Prep Cleaner

1x Surface Primer

All the products used in this build can be found here.


With the RAL colours slightly different to what I had originally planned for, the concept art is slightly off but I do believe that the colours used will make the project brighter and stand out more. Now the case was stripped down I started on the blue for the main chassis and top.






So the main chassis is now painted, bolted back together and ready for the orange parts to be added once I get them ready, hopefully that will be my next update.

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