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Project Octane Part 5

  1. Ok its hardware update time!As you know be quiet! are supporting this build, and today I am unboxing the Straight Power 650w and Silent Loop 240mm.650w should be plenty for this build, a 6700K and Strix 1070[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Note I have not gone into depth on the cables, more on that below! As always great build quality from be quiet!, this isnt the first PSU I have used, previously using a Dark Power Pro 100w for a build.Next up is the Silent Loop 240mm, I originally planned on a 280mm buit while in shipping it became clear that a 240 would be the way to go and be quiet! were good enough to send out a replacement.I really need a better place for photos, so apologies there, the 240mm Silent Loop will recieve upgrades to hoses when installed, more pics coming on fitment when I get to that.ReportTrust+ MultiQuote

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