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Pure Pastel Part 4

Today is a half update as such and I am hoping to get a little video out too of the progress that has been made with this. This is our first hard line attempt and I really want the final look to be as clean as possible.

With the Alphacool parts landing, I had a chance to start putting together what I had originally planned and most of it is possible. There are some aspects that may not happen purely due to space constraints and my OCD on these projects.


For the 3700X we have an Alphacool Eisblock XPX Aurora, we still have to mod the surround to match our white theme. The same goes for the GPU backplate although we are not entirely sure the RTX 2060 will be staying if ASUS can manage to find us a 2070 Super Dual. If that happens it will have to ship to Alphacool for a block to be made.

For the reservoir, I had planned for a parallel fitting but space is tight with the new back wall. At this point, we are still planning tubing runs but I have it mostly figured out to what was originally planned.

So the motherboard just looks fantastic, a simple blob of paint has really transformed the X570-E that ASUS sent over. I was unsure if I would refit the labels but I love the clean look. If Seagate comes through we will have Gen 4 storage and a tonne of it too!


Our next update should hopefully see the back wall cut and painted with bulkhead fittings in place. From there I can then run hard lines and start

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