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Q Part 1

Ok, guys and girls its time for a new build, and this time around this will be one that combines a couple of passions of mine, cars, and of course, PCs.

I’ve grown up with posters on the wall of cult cars throughout the years and now, at 37, my passion for cars still remains as strong as ever. I was a mechanic in my early working days, following the likes of the BTCC, Endurance Racing, Aussie V8s, and so on, and in all those years, Aston Martin has held a special place with me as my dream motor. Be it the DB5, a DB7, a DB9, or even their track versions, they are all wonderful works of art.

Aston obviously are synonymous with James Bond and that’s partly where these paths will cross. Named Q, this project will hopefully bring together the sleek and the powerful, the suave, and the underestimated. This won’t be one that goes balls out with mods but will sit modestly with people admiring it for a distance, just like an Aston.

Q be quiet! then (see what I did there?), once again they are more than happy to support my work and the canvas for this will once again be a Pure Base 500 DX. It’s not the first time I have used this case for a build, in fact, it’s the third, with both previous projects doing really well for all my partners and being really well received by the community. It really is a lovely little case, built well, and with the improvements over the original Pure Base, its perfect for this build. I did debate a few other cases but this one really is a little gem.


The theme will be all black with brushed aluminium accents coming into play in a few areas, this will also be my first all air-cooled system. be quiet! are sending over a Dark Rock Pro 4 and I will get pictures out of that as soon as it lands. Other components are yet to be confirmed but we do have 2x Seagate Barracuda 120 SSDs 1Tb going into this. With the front-facing SSD tray in the Pure Base 500 DX, I will be stripping down the paint and polishing up these drives to accent the build, some tasteful Seagate branding will be also be applied.


The focal point though will be a custom 3D printed Aston Martin logo going into the PSU shroud. I’ve already toyed with a couple of sizes and it’s almost ready to start cutting up the case. This will be prepped, painted, inset, and backlit with a frosted panel to really set off the build.

I also have carbon cables coming from Michael at To The Wire Mods and Michael at Mayhems will be laser cutting me a one off plaque. Aston Martins come with a simple plaque under the hood and thats an elememtn I want to transfer over, so cant wait to see how this turns out, once he has time to do it for me.


So that’s the project announced with plenty more to confirm in terms of hardware. The launch of the 30XX cards I missed out on, a FE 3080 would have been perfect and tied in with the theme so if anyone can help me out there then please do let me know. I am hoping ASUS get back to me as a Hero Crosshair would be a perfect fit for this one and I am waiting on AMD to send over a batch of 3700X CPUs so that may well be that sorted out too.

I have a few other projects on the go that I really need to get finished but this one really will be a great-looking build if it turns out as expected.

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