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Rebellion Part 4

Moving on with the build we can get a few more parts installed today, first in is the Seagate FireCuda 510 1Tb M.2 NVME drive. This should keep our little system nice and speedy and being M.2, doesn’t take up any additional space within the system. The 510s put out sequential read/write up to 3,450 / 3,200 MB/s and 1.8M hours MTBF, up to 3,600 TB TBW.

Now the fun can start on the graphics side of things, we will be using the PowerColor 5700XT Red Devil for this build. Its aimed at 1080 and 1440 so this will give us more than enough grunt to get those frame rates and details running high. With the standard air cooler its a no go thanks to the dual reservoirs but that will soon be sorted out. We dont get a backplate with this block so some Dremmeling will be in order.

Our blocks for the 5700XT and the 5600XT have also landed from our good friends over at Alphacool along with a couple of other surprises, another mug and a leak tester, thanks Alphacool you really are awesome! Time to strip the 5700XT down and put it on a diet. It really is a lovely looking block from Alphacool, no less than you would expect and yes, there is RGB goodness too.

Stripping down the card was a piece of cake, remove the air cooler and then the backplate can be unscrewed and put to one side, we are going to need this quite soon. You can now see just how much larger the card is with an air cooler on the PCB and as it turns out the backplate gives us a great edge to cut down to while still being able to include the backlit Red Devil logo.

I really need a new Dremel, I’m using an old one I think I go from Woolworths many years ago, its tried to kill me a couple of times now but it has done the job and we have trimmed down the backplate. A quick file and a touch up to the paint of the exposed edge of the plate and we are good to move on.

And there we have it guys, all blocked up and ready to install. It’s a shame we are not vertically mounting this one, well, not in this build anyway, but its a shame we won’t be able to see much of the block, it really is stunning.

Next update will bring some changes to the layout slightly, Im just waiting on a few extra fittings to arrive as I have decided to change it up and go with a parallell loop. This will be a first for me but I am always up for trying something new with these builds. Hope you like it so far, catch you soon!

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