Team Green Part 2

We have multiple projects on the go at the moment and are now waiting on parts for a couple of them. Since we are waiting to crack on with Pure Pastel, now is a good time to delve into Team Green a little more.

We are still planning custom panels but can share some of the concept work I have been doing in Vectric for our CNC. Given the lack of ventilation, I want to add a new front and back panel.

The front will allow for more airflow and with the internal mods I have in mind, the back panel will allow hot air out with the view of mounting a radiator next to the motherboard vertically.

I might also replace the top but I will see how it looks once it starts coming together. These are not final designs yet and there are plenty of options on this so I would love to hear what you think.

I am also undecided on the logos, looking to backlight these in keeping with the theme. I also have the PSU basement to mod the opening with the existing EVGA logo.


More good news for this project is that Intel has kindly sent over one of their i9-9960X chips to pair with the X299 Micro and Seagate will be supplying 2x 10Tb IronWolf Pro drives for mass storage.

A couple of quick snaps of the 9960X with more to follow along with the Iron Wolf Pros when they arrive.