This is my first time working with Antec, showing off their P120 and I have to say it’s been delightful. It’s an awesome case for building in, plenty of room for crazy water cooling layouts and for this I decided to go for a parallel loop. It’s the first time I have designed a system this way and I think it looks fantastic.

I wanted to show off the Alphacool GPU block and going parallel meant I could hide the tubing runs behind the card, letting me really bring it to the front. The PowerColor Red Devil 5700XT, with a cut-down backplate, really does set off the build.

The 3D printed custom GPU mount and dual reservoir holder add another element to the build, subtle, but functional and it’s the little parts on this one that really gives it flavour. Antec also sent over a HCG 750W and two of their Prizm fan kits, the Prizm fans really do push airflow and with both a 240 and 360 radiator, there‚Äôs more than enough cooling for the GPU and Intel 8086K.

Antec do include some LED strips as part of the fan package but it’s too much, the Prizms provide more than enough RGB on this one. I added in all custom cable combs for the individually sleeved cables and a custom logo panel featuring the ASUS font.

As always I am so grateful to all my partners, in particular, Antec, Alphacool, Intel, and PowerColor on this one, it’s a big shout out to them and I hope it does them justice.

  • Case: Antec P120
  • CPU: Intel 8086K
  • Motherboard: ASUS Z390-H
  • GPU: PowerColor 5700XT Red Devil
  • Memory: 16GB TeamGroup Delta RGB
  • Storage: Seagate FireCuda 510 1Tb NVME
  • PSU: Antec HCG 750W
  • Cooling: Alphacool English Full Custom Loop
  • Other: Antec Prizm Fans / Controller, 3D Printed Custom Parts